Google Analytics Optimization


Analytics that Matter

Google Analytics is the most powerful tool on the market for understanding your website’s performance, how people are using your website, what they’re interested in, and how that information can help you improve your conversion rates. But it’s not always easy to understand or read all at once.


If your site isn’t optimized, it can be like looking at a map with no roads—you can’t get anywhere.

You might think that you know how your website is performing, but unless you have an expert on hand to tell you the whole story, all of your data is just bits and pieces.

Make Your Business Profitable with Us

That’s where we come in! At Clear Choice Marketing Group (CCMG), we ensure your Google Analytics account is set up for success. We’ll help you understand what’s going on with your site so that you can make informed decisions about optimizing it based on accurate data.


So, what exactly do we do? Here are just some of the things that our Google Analytics Optimization services include:


  • Set up tracking codes in the right places (like header tags) so they don’t affect your site’s performance or load times.
  • Ensure that all critical events are being tracked (like clicks on buttons) and set up goals so they’re easy to measure and track over time
  • Make sure that any conversions/sales/etc. are being appropriately tagged, so they show up in reports without any extra effort on your part


Our team will help you make sense of your numbers and how to use them to grow your business more effectively than ever before.


What are we waiting for? Get in touch with our experts today and see if there isn’t something here that makes sense for YOU!


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Solar industry is all about exploration, innovation, and creativity. It's what fuels us to look forward.


Debt Settlement

We help negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount of money you owe.


Real Estate

We've got the latest listings and market trends, so you can but or sell with confidence.


Tax Resolution

Tax resolution plans offer a fast, confidential way to settle outstanding tax liabilities with the IRS.


Student Consolidation

Manage multiple student loans and lower your interest rates with less paperwork and simplified loan repayments schedules.


Loan Modification

Modify your loan to lower your monthly payments and avoid foreclosure.


Health & Life Insurance

Protect yourself and your family with health and life insurance.



Auto warranty is the only way to go if you want peace of mind.