Superior Marketing Strategy

Group 73

Tax Resolution

For firms that handle tax resolution, we are your source of leads. Turn your pipeline into more revenue with data-driven lead scoring and a marketing system that puts you in front of the right prospects at the right time.

Group 74

Debt Settlement

Take on the high volume of clients and watch your ROI soar for businesses who have a good rating performance when it comes to managing unsecured debt of at least $10,000 and up.

Group 75-new

Student Loan

Our high converting and engaging campaigns get the attention of more qualified borrowers who are racing to companies to have their student debts forgiven, to you!

Group 76

Digital Marketing Services

Building strong relationships and helping businesses reach their goals by leveraging our team’s experience and expertise in social media marketing, SEO, content marketing and more. Take your chance to grow your business now!

Advanced Web Analytics
Whether you're a marketing expert or a business newbie, our easy-to-understand
dashboards give you the analytical insights you need to make adjustments to your business strategy.
Content Strategy
Whether it's site, blog or app content, our work is designed to engage,
inform and impress – making you more successful and bringing you more satisfaction.
Lead Generation
We generate quality leads for your business through content-rich and
interactive websites - at affordable prices.
Call Center Consultation
Call center consultation services to help our clients meet their goals
and boost their operational performance.

Real Clients, Real Results

Catherine Jones

Founder and CEO

Marketing with CCMG is always a pleasure!
They are very responsive, creative and worthy content strategy and outstanding service and results of call center consultation. I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with SEO, or any marketing needs.

Edward Duncan

Managing Director


I highly recommend Clear Choice Marketing Group to anyone in need of a great content strategy and results oriented lead generation. I’ve worked with them for over a year and now we’re getting consistent leads, which we did not have before. Our sales have gone up as a result of this!

What We Do

Clear Choice Marketing Group – A Fast-Growing Business with a Friendlier Approach.

Our goal is simple, to deliver a steady flow of high-quality leads with full transparency into what we are doing.


Available now and ready!


Digital Marketing under one roof


Website Design and Development


The Social Media Experience

What We’ve Been Able to Do

Logos and Designs

Branding is an important part of your business identity. Showcase your business, products and services to customers using our user-focused design, quality coding, and effective marketing strategies.

Case Studies

Explore hundreds of case studies for traffic acquisition programs and detailed data analysis of your site including cost per acquisition, click costs, revenue per visitor and more.

Who is Clear Choice Marketing Group?


Our Mission

We Help Businesses Take Their Next Step Forward in the World of Marketing

We empower you to increase your revenue by turning more website visitors into customers. With the science behind online marketing and our integrated approach, we’ll optimize your marketing performance for higher traffic, more leads, and a better bottom line.

Why Us?

We’re not just a web analytics company. We’re a whole-marketing strategy company.

We’ve been able to help our clients increase sales by combining following our proven route to success when it comes to growing business: building an engaged audience, converting leads, and retaining customers.

Our team comprises experts in every aspect of marketing—from content creation to lead generation to call center consultation—who work closely with you to develop a strategy tailored to your business and your customers’ needs.


Industries We Serve



Apply for a home loan and get a low interest rate with competitive rates.



Solar industry is all about exploration, innovation, and creativity. It's what fuels us to look forward.


Debt Settlement

We help negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount of money you owe.


Real Estate

We've got the latest listings and market trends, so you can but or sell with confidence.


Tax Resolution

Tax resolution plans offer a fast, confidential way to settle outstanding tax liabilities with the IRS.


Student Consolidation

Manage multiple student loans and lower your interest rates with less paperwork and simplified loan repayments schedules.


Loan Modification

Modify your loan to lower your monthly payments and avoid foreclosure.


Health & Life Insurance

Protect yourself and your family with health and life insurance.



Auto warranty is the only way to go if you want peace of mind.

The CCMG Guide

If you’re looking for expert resources to help you improve your web analytics, lead generation, content strategy, or call center consultation practices, look no further.


The Influence of Graphic Design on SEO

The world has almost entirely transitioned into virtuality, which needs no further explanation. Now, more than ever, most companies, brands, and organizations are firmly established


End-to-End Guide for Your E-Commerce Website

E-commerce has changed both how consumers shop and how businesses operate. Businesses can increase sales, reach a broader market, and give clients a flawless online

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