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Superior Marketing Strategy

tax resolution

For firms that handle customers who have issues with the IRS, this one's for you! We've specialized in the Tax Resolution Leads Generation for nearly a decade and this is our legitimate bread and butter.

Debt settlement

For firms who have a high rating performance when it comes to managing unsecured debt of at least $10,000 and up- EYES HERE. Take on the a high volume of customers and see your ROI sky rocket!

student loan

With hundreds, if not, thousand of customer rushing to firms to have their student loans eradicated, we've developed high converting campaigns that funnel all this volume to you!


Whether it's pay day loans, mortgage or solar leads, we have a lead and package available for you! Hit the See more button below to learn more

Lead Generation

With our state of the art USA Call Center located in beautiful Camarillo, California our Live transfers take all of the heavy lifting out of finding customers. There isnt any better lead than a Live Transfer, our customer service agents take pride in building rapport with the consumers and then based on your set qualifications, we refine those potential leads even further. We only send a live transfer if it fits your predetermined needs. This type of high quality filtering ensures that you don’t waste your time and money on irrelevant leads. Once our skilled telemarketers make contact and determine the lead is a fit, the lead is transferred straight to you. There is no wait time in between. We offer live transfers in multiple verticals – all aspects of Mortgage, Tax Resolution, Debt Settlement, Solar, Loan Modification, Auto Warranty, Student Consolidation.



A big business starts small!

We offer Live Transfers, Web Calls, Mobile Click to call, Long form Internet forms, TV/Radio and Aged Data, B2B and B2C in the following verticals – Mortgage, Real Estate, Loan Modification, Debt Settlement, Tax Resolution, Student Consolidation, Solar, Health & Life Insurance, Auto Warranty and many more….

Fully Filtered Live Transfers

Internet PPC Leads

TV / Radio Advertising

Mobile Click-to-Call

Opt-in Aged Data

B2C and B2B Data

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How we work

Don’t be busy – be productive!

Gathering Data

Clear Choice Marketing Group holds each and everyone of our clients at the top of the list. We strive to make sure your marketing campaign gets you the best ROI (Return on Investment) possible.


Clear Choice Marketing Group is a full service marketing company who's focus is in lead generation via Contact Centers, Online Marketing, SEO and PPC strategies, data monetization, TV/Radio advertising.


We take great pride in our clients being long term partners. Our main focus is to help your company acquire new clients with the profitability and return on investment required to operate a successful business.


We know our Clients/Partners expect more from their lead providers today in this day and age and our main goal is to sell the highest quality products.

We know how it works!

If the plan doesn’t work – change the plan, not the goal.

We as a whole have 45+ years experience in Lead Generation, Marketing, Branding and Contact Centers & Video Production. We have expertise in generating leads via Online, Mobile, Social Media, TV/Radio, Digital Marketing as well as thru our state of the art USA Based Call center, which is our Sister Company (Network Dial Center) located in Camarillo, CA right next to our Marketing office. We also house a team of in-house Web Designers, PPC experts, and Video Production specialists.


Live Transfers

  • Fully Filtered Calls
  • High Quality and QA Audited prior to hand off
  • Portal Log ins to be provided for call auditing and call recording purposes


  • Facebook, Google Ads, Google PPC, Landing Pages, Radio & TV ads plus so many more sources
  • Real time, 7 day, 14 day aged depending on the vertical
  • Available ASAP

Direct Click to Call Campaigns

  • High quality click-to-call campaigns
  • Calls go straight to the client via our social media and search engine ads
  • Portal Log ins to be provided for call auditing and call recording purposes
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